A professional groomsman can be your guy that is behind the scenes or on the front line helping support your needs and wishes during the wedding process. If you need help with planning the perfect engagement or want us to coordinate and plan a unique bachelor weekend experience...we have the experience and connections to help make your wish a reality. 

Matt Foster  Founder

Matt Foster

Matt enjoys starting new companies and wanted to help bachelors with planning their most important time of their life.
Matt is originally from Tampa, FL and currently resides in Greenville, SC. He's been involved in over 30 weddings and enjoys meeting new people. Matt also heads a local running club in Greenville, SC that meets every Saturday morning starting April 1 2019 at 8am @ 25 Delano Dr, Greenville SC 29601.

Ryan Heafy  Managing Partner

Ryan Heafy
Managing Partner

Ryan Heafy is in the digital media business and is an entrepreneur. As a true friend to all of his clients, he enjoys helping others.

Ryan is always looking to bridge the gap between organizations, generations, and communities; to bring together individuals that can get things done. He was recently named 2016 Business Black Box Future Leader Award, Greenville Business Magazine's 2015 Best and Brightest 35 and Under, and 50 Most Influential People of 2014 among other accolades.

Ryan is currently the Director of Operations of 6AM City, and is responsible for product development, new market deployment, and managing the sustainable growth of the Company. Current markets include GVLtoday, COLAtoday, CHStoday and AVLtoday.

Groomsman for hire takes care of all the hard work.

From the engagement to the bachelor weekend and the rehearsal dinner to the honeymoon.

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